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                          SIIC Technology

                          SIIC Technology

                          SIIC Technology

                          Su's integrated precision molding technology (hereinafter referred to as "SIIC") is a set of ideas developed by professor Su Zhangren and his team in the precision casting research department of  HeFei University of Technology Institutein twenty years.The concept and structure of precision molding, include not only the production process and implementation method, butal so the support for process design concept methods and means of sustainable development.SIIC technology uses the traditional lost wax molding technology as core, integrates a variety of liquid - liquid metal forming process. from the molding equipment, molding tooling, material and technology 

                          explored nearly 200 significantly different from the traditional molding technology of" micro innovation ". System to guarantee the product quality of the" fine "and" secret ".

                          Based on SIIC Technology,manufacturers have the abilities of making high precision, near net-shaped, near net weight products; in addition, Saipu can also produce the products with consistent stress during product formation, which cannot be processed by traditional manufacturing such as turning, milling, planning and forging. Such processes can also help the manufacturers to avoid worthless efforts and complete the products even without the subsequent machining processes. The application of SIIC Technology in the production practice have successfully solved many technical problems in manufacturing for Aviation Industry Corporation of China, China 

                          Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, China North Industries Group Corporation, and China Electronics Technology Group Corporation. In conclusion, SIIC has independently offered the industries the technical guarantee to build the world class equipment.  

                          Products that manufactured by SIIC technology system all meet the highest standards of America military standard. With hundreds of "impossible" products, SIIC shows the value of itself to the international and Chinese industry, and draws attention from Swedish Volvo, Ge, French Schneider and other international Industrial Group.

                          The  application of SIIC technology is extremely broad. It provides comprehensive and effective support to the optimization of structural design and material design for major technical equipment and products invarious manufacturing field. SIIC is a fundamental technology that can upgrade our country's manufacturing sector.

                          The overall structure of the general equipment, especially the spacecraft, aircraft, missiles, vehicles, ships, submersibles and other self-propelled equipment, the overall structure is usually rely on bolts, screws, rivets and other points of force to link, part of the docking by welding. The force transmission in the whole structure is difficult to coherent and even-distributed, therefore,the requirements of material’s ability of anti-extrusion, anti-tensile, anti-shearing and other mechanical properties substantially increased, making the manufacturers must rely on high-quality high-strength metal materials.

                          Using  liquid molding technology, all the above-mentioned structures can be connected in the form of surface contact transmission force state, and the force transmission can be coherent and evenly distributed, so that the weight of the structure can be greatly reduced under the condition of satisfying the stress state, But also in accordance with the complete agreement with the strength distribution and other rigid distribution of the force state of any design and precision to meet the above requirements of the geometric structure and shape manufacturing. That is, from the "technical science" perspective, all the essence of liquid molding technology are pursued in the field of processing and manufacturing to achieve " the optimal combination of structural mechanics and mechanical materials," Therefore, SIIC technology respect the nature of liquid forming technology, and Emphasis: during the product design, the designer should actively pursuit the optimal combination of structural mechanics and material mechanics. During Product manufacturing,  manufacturers should focus on product design and process design to achieve the overall parallel interaction.

                          No matter how complex the structure of the product is (more than 12 perspectives are difficult to express, such as dentures, impellers, etc.), how compact the structure of the product is (the radio of functional space and structural space is maximum, such as instrument cabin), or How the material of the product is difficult to process or can not process (Such as high-temperature alloy blades), manufacturers use SIIC technology are able to set near net shape, near net weight and nearly an astomotic force state as the goal,  to maximize the realization of products with equal strengt hand rigidity, or best stiffness and softness, the best geometrical shape as well as internal quality, and the whole product can be formed in one at one time. It can realize the structure of super / large or small size and the conversion between structure and skin thickness can reach 1: 100.

                          SIIC technology based on the technical science, use scientific interpretation of "fine" and "dense" as the guide, through the integration of various liquid forming technology as the basic process line,can bring the following impacts for design, development and manufacturing of all kinds of self Equipment, defense equipment and other high-end industrial equipment:

                          Emancipate the design of ideas: during the product design section, No matter how complex, how compact, how difficult the material is to process or can not process, SIIC technology can provide for the security realization, it can liberate designers` ideas, and support and direct for a variety of optimized design .

                          Reduce the weight of equipment: "redundant material" in the design process can be and will be removed, so that we canrealize a significant reduction in the overall quality of equipment to improve the effective (combat) load, improve mobility, and energy saving.

                          Improve the overall function: designer can change the traditional design separation surface and process separation surface, effectively reducing the overall equipment parts, componentsto achieve higher reliability integrated manufacturing, to enhance the equipment assembly, integration, maintenance and other aspects of performance, and then achieve a substantial increase in overall functionality.

                          Reduce the manufacturing difficulty: the product can be one-time formed with near net-shaped dimensional accuracy and Geometric tolerance to reduce the follow-up machining or even free processing, which can greatly reduce the difficulty of manufacturing and product cost, and increasethe Reproducibility rate and efficiency of Complex precision components.

                          Weak dependenceof material: Under the precondition of ensuring product function and performance index, the mechanical properties of materials are weakened, the range of materials can be widened, and the dependence of new high-performance special materials for high-end equipment manufacturing on can be reduced. With the structure bionics, we can manufacture product with "structure sharing, force sharing" state, and use second-class materials to create first-class products.

                          Can be seen, SIIC technology will enable high-endequipment with lower-cost, , higher performance, higher quality. From this point of view, SIIC technology is the technology not only face the reality of the market and the market to be extend, but also to create market! SIIC Will promote and support the Chinese industry: completely liberatedesigners’ ideas, and substantially increase manufacturing capacity!

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